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CentOS 6 Vulnerability
Posted by Steve -'- Ahosting Support Team on 14 May 2013 09:55 PM

It has come to our attention that there is a Linux local root exploit making the rounds. This exploit uses a previously unannounced vulnerability in the Kernel relating to the performance counter subsystem in order to escalate privileges to root. Because this system is a recent advancement in the kernel, only CentOS 6 should be impacted by this vulnerability.

Due to the nature of the disclosure, RedHat has not had sufficient time to release a patched kernel. Once that is done and CentOS picks up the new kernel from the upstream, we will be able to upgrade the kernel and fix the vulnerability. In the meantime, we also recommend the following practices are also followed to help reduce the likelihood of a successful exploit:

1) Ensure nobody has shell access to your server unless absolutely necessary and even then, it should only ever be in a jailed shell. In this circumstance, jailed shell provides no extra protection, but it does in others.
2) Ensure all web applications hosted on the server are up to date
3) Ensure 'Compilers Tweak' is enabled on the server

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